Time Ticker Widget

You have reached the page for the time ticker widget, developed by Daniel Rhys Hardy.

Developed for WordPress, the plugin enables you to show the current time, that updates in real time, second by second. See below for the full list of features available.


  • Show current time that updates live on the page.
  • Choose between minute by minute or second by second updates.
  • Display mutiple clocks on the same page.
  • Choose from every pre-defined timezone or display a time local to the website user.
  • Choose from 6 pre-defined styles or define your own.
  • Options to include a title and introduction paragraph

Styles Available

You can choose from the following pre-determined styles, or define one of your own:


How do I install Time Ticker?

Once you have downloaded the zip file. Navigate to "Plugins -> Add New -> Upload" and upload the file. Navigate to "Plugins" and you will see "Tick Timer" has been added to the list. Activate it and then head to "Appearance -> Widgets". Your Time Ticker widget is now available for multi use in all of your widgetized areas!

General Styling Instructions: Every instance of your Time Ticker widget is wrapped in a div. It also includes a title and introduction text (if required)

To style the general elements of a Tick timer widget you need to edit the following code declarations in your themes "style.css" file:

.tick-timer-box {
.h3.widget-title {

How do I add custom styles?

To add custom styles, simply select the "None - Custom Style" option in the widget.

You will then want to add the following style definitions to your themes "style.css" file:

.tick-timer-box .clock.custom {
.clock.custom .hour, .clock.custom .minutes, .clock.custom .seconds {
.clock.custom .time-divider {

Where can I buy the widget?

You can download the Time Ticker WordPress widget by clicking here.

The local time in England

This shows the current time in the UK with seconds not included.

This also shows the ability to add HTML formatting such as enbed code and making things bold, and headers.

Local time in Japan

This shows the current time in Japan with seconds included.

Local time in New York

This shows the current time in New York with seconds included.

Latest Time wherever you are

This shows the current time in your current location, with seconds included. This also uses custom styling from the themes style.css file.

Local time in Hawaii

This shows the current time in New York with seconds not included.

Local time in India

This shows the current time in India with seconds included.

Local time in Russia

This shows the current time in Russia with seconds included.

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